New Hampshire Lakefront Property Buyer's Tips

Buying a home can be a complicated process. Now add lakefront to the mix and things become more complex. Our lake real estate agents only deal with waterfront / lake access properties. 

Your homework starts online.

1. Find an agent who can spend time with you. Your first choice might be Merrymeeting Lake and you end up searching over an hour away to find that home. We don’t have a set territory.

2. Home and lifestyle – combination ski and lake home or would a seasonal cottage work for you?

3. Look into the bank and financing right away. You don’t want to get your heart set on that dream home without doing the bank research first. We recommend local lenders, they know the market. If you make an offer on a home the first question the seller will ask for is a bank approval letter. Get one!

4. What is the ideal waterfront, sandy walk-in beach area with southwest exposure, this adds to the cost of the property there are only a select few homes on each lake that meet this criteria. Many homes will meet your objectives, sandy waterfront with southern exposure or a rocky shoreline for great fishing.

5. Home vs. Lake; when possible buy the lake first and the home second. You can change the home, but you can’t change the lake.

6. If you have found the home of your dreams let’s set the appointment. If not we can supply 
you a list of homes and lakes for you to drive by and see if the area fits your lifestyle.

7. If you find the perfect lake and the home needs to work, discuss with your agent what options you have and they will give you direction on where to secure concrete answers.

8. Insurance Questions? Is the home in a flood zone? If yes, what additional cost is there or can you get a certificate that overrides some of the FEMA maps.

9. Utilities Questions? Cable or satellite dish? Is the internet available? Is there cell service?

10. Don’t forget you will need an inspection of the home and the septic. Any major improvements you would like to make will also affect the septic, example changing the property from seasonal to year round. Ask questions...


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